The Pull - Kreg Viesselman

Kreg Viesselman : vocals, acoustic & electric guitars,
harmonica, hambone

Evan Reeves : bass guitar
Justin Ward : drums
Eric Moon : wurlitzer, acoustic piano, accordion
John William Davies : electric lead guitar
Rachael Davies : Harmony vocals
Danya River : harmony vocals
Liz Barnez : harmony vocals
Boubacar Di Ebate : kora & vocals
Stine Svenkerud : auxilliary percussion


String Quartet


Sandra Lascarbo : 1st violin
Lorraine Kelly : 2nd violin
Alex Welch : viola
Jenny Adejayan : cello



Recorded at Red Kite Studio


Produced by Martin Levan, Evan Reeves & Kreg Viesselman

Engineered and mixed by Martin Levan





Kreg Viesselman
The Pull

6.95 (ex. vat)

- USA Option -

'My album of the year'

Robert Elms, BBC Radio London

'One of the few albums which warrants the listener to hang on every word ... without exception, I found every song totally absorbing.'

Maverick Magazine *****

THE PULL's twelve evocative songs range from the unadorned guitar picking of 'Sorrow' and the sepia dustbowl snapshot of 'Sharecroppers' to thrilling all-out gospel attack on 'Lonely People' and the album's title track.

'High Times & Low Times' is a pithy social commentary, while 'North Star (& The Drinking Gourd)' reminds us of the Afro-American slaves' longed-for heavenly destination. Kreg thinks about settling down on the touching 'Aileen', but on the exhilarating Afro-Celtic 'The Man Without a Care', the road - the musician's home - beckons. In each of these and the other songs on this superlative album, Kreg draws on his richly varied past - sailor, farmhand, teacher, mountain guide - and his current view of his homeland, to evoke vivid, sharply poetic scenes of his America, scenes that have a poignant relevance for us all.

Martin Levan Sound Design Ltd.

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