Neapolis - Luca Luciano

Luca Luciano : clarinet

Franco Piccinno : piano



Recorded at Red Kite Studio


Produced & Engineered by Martin Levan





Luca Luciano

6.95 (ex. vat)

On this breathtaking collaboration, virtuoso Italian clarinettist Luca Luciano and fellow Neapolitan pianist Franco Piccinno join forces to create a body of work that fuses classical techniques and sensibilities with the liberating improvisatory spirit of jazz - a fresh approach that, in the words of JAZZ UK magazine, 'takes the clarinet to the higher ground'. Each participant is classically trained: Luca studied at the ancient Conservatoire of Music in Naples and at the Conservatoire of Salerno, while Franco attended the Conservatoire of Avellino.

Whilst undeniably contemporary, and occasionally challenging, the music on this album is refreshingly accessible, ranging as it does from the atmospherically pastoral to the energetically improvisational. Luca's love of both classical music and jazz, and his vision of the possibilities for their fusion, is audibly passionate throughout, and with Franco as the perfect foil for this ambition, each of the sixteen pieces, whether it's under a minute or over six minutes in length, is as complete as a jewel.

'A joyful improvisational journey' - Jazz UK

Martin Levan Sound Design Ltd.

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