Stay Awhile - Panjaea

Sharam Gill : vocals, nylon string guitar
Fred Wisdom : steel string guitar
Mitz Gill : vocals, bongos, cymbals, tambourine
James Archer : bougar abou, claves, congas, djembe, cowbell,
shakers, repeater, cabassa, bongos
Clive Cole : king clave, hand cymbals, ngoma, cabassa,
soft shaker, cymbal, djembe, pandiero


Special Guest - Riaan Vosloo : bass





Stay Awhile

6.95 (ex. vat)

'Butter - smooth vocals. A credit to the fledgling Red Kite label'

Chris Broughton, Music Magazine

'A collection of heartfelt, simple messages delivered with great feeling by a band obviously in tune with the task. Gill has a talent to exploit music's purest components to produce concise and pleasing entertainment that can easily travel across borders.'

Walter Kolosky, All About Jazz

Martin Levan Sound Design Ltd.

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